My Astro Equipment


Meade 10-inch LX200 Classic

Dubbed the Frankenscope because it was pieced back together from parts by the incomparable Dr. Clay Sherrod after UPS shattered my original LX200, it is my long focal length field instrument, as well as a favorite outreach scope (seen here at an event sponsored by the Riverside Astronomical Society).

Meade LXD75 SN-8 Schmidt-Newtonian

This is my first short focal length Newtonian - I have used it many times with a Canon Digital Rebel and they are a good match for each other. It has a surprisingly flat field for an f/4 scope. I think of it as my Nightfall scope - it goes to Borrego Springs each year along with a William Optics refractor. (Sorry for the catalog photo)

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Meade 14-inch LX200R

My friends at GMARS call it the PopeScope because of its brief residency at the Vatican Observatory south of Rome. The finder has been upgraded to a StellarVue F50, and a William Optics 80 Fluorite rides on an ADM mini dovetail. These are first-rate accessories and I would recommend them to anyone looking for both quality and value.